Honda Lawn & Garden

Honda offers an extensive Lawn & Garden range including Lawnmowers, ride-on mowers, handheld equipment and even a robotic lawnmower. All Honda machinery is quiet, safe, more environmentally friendly and a real pleasure to use - Honda calls it 'Engineering for Life'.

Honda Lawnmowers


Honda has a lawnmower to match every garden need. ​Honda first created a lawnmower in 1978,40 years on, and they are now recognised as one of the world's most reliable garden equipment manufacturers. Discover the range below. 

Honda HRE - Lawn & Garden
Honda Izy - Lawn & Garden
Honda HRX - Lawn & Garden
Honda HRD - Lawn & Garden

Honda HRE

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A simple to use electric push-type mower, ideal to suit smaller lawns.

Cutter Deck: 33cm or 37cm

Available from: £199

Honda Izy

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Petrol power for first timers on small, complex and medium-sized lawns.

Cutter Deck: 41cm - 53cm

Types: Push-type petrol, Single-speed petrol or SMART drive petrol

Price Range: £369 - £1035

Honda HRX

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A range of technologically advanced mowers, ideal for medium to large sized lawns.

Cutter Deck: 42cm - 53cm

Types: Push-type petrol, Single-speed petrol, SMART drive petrol, Hydrostatic drive petrol or select-drive petrol

​Price Range: ​£615 - £1549

Honda HRD

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Tough, hard working lawnmowers that can tackle any lawn. Robust, reliable and the professional choice.

Cutter Deck: 53cm

Types: Singe-speed petrol roller

​Price Range: ​£1019 - £1399

Honda HRH - Lawn & Garden
Honda HRS - Lawn & Garden
Honda Grass Cutter - Lawn & Garden

Honda HRH

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No other professional mower comes close to it. The HRH has outright reliability and solid performance.

Cutter Deck: 53cm

Types: Singe-speed petrol or Hydrostatic petrol

Price Range: £1749 - £1759

Honda HRS

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One of the lightest and most manoeuvrable models in the market. 

Cutter Deck: 53cm

Types: Smart drive petrol

Available for: £639

Honda Grass Cutter

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Honda's grass cutters are built for areas that are difficult to manage, like fields or roadsides.

Cutter Deck: 53cm - 61cm

Types: Two-speed petrol or Hydrostatic drive petrol

Available for: £2699 or £2899

Honda ride on mowers - lawn & garden


Why walk when you can ride? For larger properties, a ride-on lawnmower is the perfect choice, saving you time and makes cutting the grass a little bit more fun!

Honda Ride-On HF1211 HE - Lawn & Garden
Honda Lawn Tractor - HF 2315 HME
Honda Premium Lawn Tractors

Honda Ride-On

HF 1211 HE​

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Light and highly manoeuvrable, ideal to cut complex gardens fast, easy and with fun!

​Cutter Deck: ​71cm

​Details: ​Hydrostatic transmission and pro spec engine

​Available for: ​£2859

Honda Lawn Tractor

​HF 2315 HME

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Ideal for medium to large-sized lawns and available with a huge range of options. 

​Cutter Deck: ​92cm

​Details: ​Hydrostatic transmission and Optiflow grass collection

​Available for: ​£3879

Honda Premium Lawn Tractors

HF 2417 OR HF 2622

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The Honda Premium Lawn Tractor is the best garden machinery you can own. Ideal for a large lawn, parkland or sports ground.

Models: HF 2417 HBE / HF 2417 HME / HF 2417 HTE / HF 2622 HME / HF 2622 HTE

Cutter Deck: 102 - 122cm

Price Range: £4099 - £5599

Honda Tillers - Lawn & Garden


​Not looking for a lawnmower? Honda has an extensive range of garden products with something to suit any job. 

Honda Leaf Blower - Lawn & Garden
Honda Versatool - Lawn & Garden
Honda Tilers - Lawn & Garden


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Options: Leaf Blowers & Hedgetrimmers

Both the leaf blower and hedgetrimmer include top class features that make it the number one choice for professional and domestic use.

Price range:

Leaf Blowers £369

Hedgetrimmer £529


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​Options: 5 different models

Designed to be comfortable to use, powerful, reliable and cope in any environment. 

​Price range: ​£365 - £525


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​Options: 8 push and click attachments

Designed to take on a huge range of garden tasks, the ultimate power tool for garden perfection. 

​Price range: ​£389 - £489


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Options: Micro / Mini / Compact / Versatile / Rotary

Make light work of turning soil with Honda Tillers which feature class-leading 4-stroke engines.

Price range:

Micro £509 - £609

Mini £719 - £919

Compact £715 - £1849

Versatile £2499

Rotary £2049 - £2799