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Tailored Service Plans

If your car is more than 8 months old or has more than 8,000 miles on the clock, then the Tailored Service is for you. ​

What will you get?

  • Visual inspection of your Honda: Check the general condition of your car so our Honda trained technicians can advise you the best options.
  • Choose the length of your plan: Our plans can run for 1-4 years, it is up to you how long you want to cover for.
  • Flexible service types: The type of service for your vehicle is dependent on the age, use and condition, it will then be priced based on this criteria.
  • Choice of payment options: Once you're happy with your plan, choose to pay in a single one-off payment or split the costs over a monthly direct debit.

What is included?

1st year Service

Petrol & Hybrid cost £225

Diesel cost £245

12,500 miles/12 months

SvRS Event - AB

Replace engine oil and filter,Inspect front and rear brakes (% wear), Check and adjust parking brake,
Check lights and alignment, Check all fluid levels, Carry out visual check of: - tie-rods - steering & driveshaft boots
- suspension components - brake hose and lines (including ABS) - exhaust system - fuel lines - vehicle corrosion,
Check tyre condition - pressure & wear (report mm), Check expiration date for TRK, Test drive (noise, stability, dashboard operation),
Check battery and record midtronics result, Check wipers
2nd year Service

Petrol & Hybrid cost £295

Diesel cost £315

25,000 miles/24 months

SvRS Event - AB or AB23 (cvt models) or AB28 (Insight)

Everything from your 1st year service plus:

Replace dust and pollen filter, Inspect drive belt, Replace transmission fluid (cvt models only),

Replace air filter element (Insight only)

3rd year Service

Petrol & Hybrid cost £275

Diesel cost £295

37,500 miles/36 months

SvRS Event - AB78 or AB478 (diesel models only)

Everything from your 1st year service plus:

Replace brake fluid, Replace air filter element (not Insight), Replace fuel filter (diesel models only)

Honda 12

Petrol & Hybrid Cost: £170*

Diesel, 4x4 & Sport Cost: £190**

Note any body damage, Fit car protection kit, Check operation of all lights, Check operation of horn,
Check operation of wipers, Check operation of windscreen washers, Top up washer fluid, Drain and refill engine oil,
Replace engine oil filter and sump washer, Inspect brake pipes and fuel lines, Inspect exhaust system,
Inspect front brake pads % wear, Inspect rear brake pads/shoes % wear. Remove brake drums if required,
Inspect brake discs, Inspect cooling system for leaks, Inspect auxiliary drive belts, Check antifreeze content,
Check all fluid levels, Check battery condition - Midtronics Tester, Inspect tyres and set pressures, Report on tyre tread depth (mm),
Check front and rear suspension, Check wheel bearings, Check driveshaft and gaiters, Check track rod ends and ball joints,
Check and adjust handbrake, Road test brakes, Road test steering, Road test suspension, Road test engine and transmissions,
Road test heating system, Road test check for abnormal noises, Complete safety health check, Note any additional work required,
Inspect underbody for corrosion

Honda 12+

Petrol & Hybrid Cost: £275*

Diesel, 4x4 & Sport Cost: £295**

All 35 checks in the Honda 12, plus we will:

- Replace air filter
- Replace pollen filter
- Replace brake fluid